7 of the leading tips for creating a unique trade show stand design

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Unique exhibition stand design and trade show booth can make your trade show stand a hotspot for visitors

Unique trade show stand design spreads brand awareness and attracts new leads, What every exhibitor loves is to have an amazing exhibition stand. To help you understand the basics of planning and designing the exhibition stand, here are 7 tips that worth your business in 2021.

7 Of the Leading Tips for Creating a Unique Trade Show Stand Design

Great ideas and strategies result in an outstanding and eye-catching trade show stand design that attracts customers and delivers good results for your business. Try them and you will enjoy the benefit of increased visitors.

1. Maximize Your Space

For sure, your exhibition stand design is the key to attracting customers. However, a very important part of the trade show stand design is its dimensions.

When you design your exhibition stall, you always need to ensure you take full advantage of your space. What you need to do is simply to contact the show’s organizers and check the dimensions your exhibition stand should have. You don’t want to show up with a stand that is too small compared to the others or with one too big. 

Also, depending on where your design stand will be placed, you may benefit from a better design.  Why not take advantage of this design opportunity? It is not all about the dimensions on the floor; height is a critical part of the design as well.

Use this benefit and rise above the competition with your trade show stand design. If this is a possibility for your design, make sure you display your signage and logo across the trade show hall. You can do so by creating a high arch for your booth area.

Another idea you can apply is to construct a tall central tower in your trade show space or even to use a top truss with a rotating sign.

2. Make Use Of Colors

Using colored lights in your stand can make it outstanding from other stands; hence attract more visitors and potential customers. However, you need to be careful of the colors you use in your exhibition stand, as a wrong choice could repel some fans. 

3.  Make It Simple and Fun!

If you want the client and audience interaction, keeping it simple can be beneficial. Also, a call to action to get customers to perform a particular action can work very well. A great example of this could be a free photo booth on your stand, urging people to tag your brand name or even watermarking the images.

That way, when shared on social media, your brand is reaching an entirely new audience whilst the users are having a memorable experience connecting with your product. 

You may also find that people are more open to a conversation when they feel less pressured and in a less-sales environment. Significantly, thinking outside the box when designing your stand is important in this case.

4. Don’t Make Texts Too Heavy

Avoid using long sentences if single words will convey the same message because no one will stop reading a long copy. Use a slogan that people will remember after the event or your signs, rather than lists of product information that few people will pay attention to.

Ensure you use a font that is strong and big enough to be realized from a distance. The location of the text is also important; place your text on the top half of your exhibition stand so it is not blocked by people in your booth area. Keep your message short and sweet. Action verbs can work very well.

5. Include Graphics

People have shorter attention since they have many stands they would visit during that time. Graphics and Images are a more effective way to communicate a complex message quickly. Use high-quality images, life-sized, and keep signage simple and well-crafted. 

Other than sending a message, it also represents your product in a professional way. If you do not know how to apply graphics, then consider hiring a professional. Ensure your graphics make a lasting impression and are visible from a distance.

6. Use of Technology

Any creative, eye-catching technology in any exhibition can work positively for your brand. Consider incorporating video walls, interactive screens, 3D hologram systems, and virtual reality to make the customer experience stand out. In the current era, people love digital more than old school. 

7. Use Simple Signage

Although signs help attract interested visitors and customers your way, it would be good to keep it simple. A well-crafted and simple sign is better to understand and communicate a lot than one bloated with images and signs. Keeping your signage simple also helps audiences want to know more about what you offer. Also, most people love simple things.

Using unique tactics like lights, colors and a few pieces of decor can make a big difference. Using creativity and innovativeness can help you in creating a unique trade show stand design to communicate with your customers and get them to know your brand.

Happy Exhibiting! 

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