7 Things you didn’t know about creative booth design ideas

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Be it Booth design, stand design, or portable displays designing, using innovation, creativity is very important.

Coming up with a creative booth design idea, which makes your brand look unique is not always easy. The special booth design thus needs to be the main tool you can use to persuade your targeted visitors and be noticed instantly. Here are some significant ideas that will certainly assist you when creating an exhibition booth design during your trade exhibition.

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Creative Booth Design Ideas

Booth designing is a serious business that involves many of the major trade and coveted awards for the best exhibition stand. The success of any exhibition depends on how well an exhibition manager attracts leads to their booth.  Below are creative booth design ideas you can use to attract potential customers to your trade show stand.

  • Consider Dynamic Seating

There are three things all trade show attendees are constantly on the lookout for, snacks, giveaways, and a place to sit. Setting that is as attractive as it is comfortable and is the ultimate way to lure trade show attendees to your booth.

Giving the attendees a place to sit would works wonders for a few reasons. First of all, when they are comfortable and relaxed rather than irritable from standing all day, they are more likely to be receptive to your message. Secondly, truly remarkable seating displays make for a wonderful photo. And by supplying a comfy chair, you will give visitors a reason to stay longer at your exhibition booth than they otherwise may.

  •  Make an Interactive Wall

Integrating an interactive wall  into your booth design will not only help your booth stand out but will also positively impact the overall brand experience. This will make your attendees stop, think, and engage with your design. 

By engaging your visitors mentally and physically through questioners, games, you make them more engaged in this experience your brand is providing and therefore more invested in the brand itself.

  • Use Black and White Colors

Create your entire trade show booth design using only black and white as a color scheme. White walls combined with black shelves or a black counter will snatch their attention. Then, you have full control over where you want the attendees’ eyes to be.

To create a black and white booth, use paint or neatly pin-up swatches of ironed fabrics to create the same impact. Most trade show booth designs rely on black, so using more white to create contrast will help your booth stand out. 

Then add your company’s full-color logo somewhere in the middle. You can even add black and white diagrams of your meeting space onto the wall using diagramming, showing planners all your unique space has to offer, down to the wall outlets. 

  • Interactive Display Cases

The interactive booth case takes the product display to a whole new level. It is a showcase that responds to signals and improves interaction with the customer. Also, it has a touch screen that causes actions and reactions. Being interactive showcase helps to market and spotlight products to hold the attention of visitors.

Once the potential customers show interest in the brand, it responds quickly by giving all the essential information about that brand. It can present information in the form of a catalog or a tour of real estate or a holiday destination. Once you show interest, you can provide information about your business, developments, and the latest brands.

  • Valuable Giveaway

People love free stuff. You should see people reacting excitedly over prizes, spin-the-scratch-offs, and wheel lotteries. The key is to choose items that seem desirable, valuable, and useful that helps you stand out. 

Moreover, it should apply to both, your audience and product or service. The more people are excited about your giveaway, the more you will generate buzz at the event. You can use fun and useful stuff such as reusable bottles, smart wallets, USB chargers, pop sockets, tote bags, etc.

  • Free WIFI Access

One way to becoming popular in the exhibition show is to offer free access to a Wi-Fi hotspot in your exhibition booth design.  You can creatively post your password throughout the booth area. This way, your visitors would be attracted to come around to get a password. 

You will need a 4G internet provider to offer free WIFI access at your exhibition stand. You can then use the time when people are close by to start a conversation.  

  • Repeating Product Wall

Marketing pros will tell you that repetition seals the deal. Repeating brand walls play off the human mindset in different ways, all of which can be useful to your exhibition stall.

First, shoppers gravitate towards booths that appear bountiful. Having your products all arranged uniformly makes them look plentiful and neat. Second, slight variations in flavor or color appear more exciting when they all appear along with one another. Even if the distinctions are purely aesthetic, it makes the customers feel like there is a wide range of options. Third, products arranged at eye-level encourage browsing and interaction, two activities that will also hopefully lead to a purchase!

If you need help planning and executing creative exhibition stalls for your next trade show, get in touch with us.

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