8 Best Trade Show Booth Builders in the USA

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A list of the best trade shows booth design companies and exhibition stand builders: finds your next stand and booth design expert.

Let us explore a list of global trade show booth builders and service providers who are known for their innovative modular exhibition systems, custom exhibition stands, and portable trade show displays.

8 Best Trade Show Booth Builders in the USA

It is seldom that we promote competition! However, we believe that we are part of one industry and competition is important for survival and innovation. As the exhibition industry is becoming more and more competitive, here are some of the best trade show booth builders that are innovative when it comes to trade show displays, modular exhibition systems, and 3d exhibition stall designs.

  • Nimlok

Nimlok is a USA-based trade show booth builder that provides display and exhibition design solutions. They supply different types of banners, modular displays, tents, and exhibit systems for outdoor use. They also have a wide range of rental display options for trade shows, from to island exhibits to lightboxes, and different fabric structures, counters, kiosks, and hanging displays. They particularly cater for portable displays, with collapsible panel displays. Nimlok also provides shipping cases for easy movement and storage.

The company also provides a wide variety of graphic templates for different ranges of banner stands and instruction sheets to ensure that you install accordingly.

  •  E&E Exhibit Solutions

E&E Exhibit Solutions is a trade show booth builder that focuses on custom trade show displays, including 10×10 and 20×20 displays, pop-up displays, and island displays and other accessories. E&E Exhibit Solutions also provides graphic design services and can produce in-house large format graphics for both modular and custom portable exhibits.

  • Absolute Exhibits

Absolute exhibit trade show offers displays for both rent and purchase. They provide systems that are inexpensive and simple, custom exhibits that are more expensive but tailored to fit your business needs, and hybrid exhibits that combine both custom exhibit parts and the system for a more customized experience on a tighter budget.

They are a trade show booth builder that focuses on modular systems for purchase, which are switchable mechanisms that can be fixed up in different ways. The company also offers graphic design facilities and booth staffing if you need people to work your booth.

  • Expo Marketing

Expo Marketing is an exhibit design and fabrication house established in southern California, focusing on big impact pop-up shows, light-boxes, and custom trade show displays. They offer a large number of modular selections available for building extensive exhibition islands, using a combination of ceiling fittings, stands, and even extra seating levels.

They are ordinarily open to renting, which means that small businesses can exhibit a big-brand presence without feeling scared if new to a trade show setting. Expo Marketing would communicate to you about goals while trying to know your trade or endorse potential solutions if you are unsure. 

While hiring is inexpensive in the short-term, if a company anticipates having the same display exhibition across several shows or even over many years, Expo Marketing would recommend you to purchase the exhibit materials outright to save on the costs. 

  • Nomadic Display

Nomadic Display is among the world’s leading trade show booth builder providing modular displays, movable displays, and a range of counters. The head office is situated in Virginia, but also they have offices in London, Berlin, Las Vegas, and dealerships across the world.

They a wide spectrum of back-lit displays, back-walls, fabric displays, pop-up displays, tabletops,. They also provide everything from counters, kiosks, banner stands, hanging signs, media holders, and even monitors. 

The company also offers materials for marketing enterprises outside trade shows, like media backdrops, retail displays, and corporate events.

  • Rockway

If you need creativity and innovativeness in your trade show, then turn to Rockway. They are known for their team of designers and custom exhibits that offer unique solutions for businesses exhibiting at trade show across the USA and internationally.

The company takes pride in associating with their clients through every part of the design and build process to build a completely custom-made experience, warranting the end outcome exceeds your anticipation.

  • Marketing Genome

Marketing Genome offers high-level product experiences that link with your customers. They are the leading designers and producers of exhibits, events, and experiential marketing battles. They dedicate their desire to innovative concepts, real results, and quality service. They offer full-service options for their clients.

From unlimited preliminary designs, to pre-show quality check builds to all show paperwork to on-site install and dismantle, to secure booth storage, they do it all. 

What the client has to do is to show up and exhibit. They also specify custom fabrications. So, if you are thinking of renting a trade show display provider, think about Marketing Genome.

  • SOL Group Worldwide

Last, but not least, is the SOL Group. Having offices in the USA, Europe, and Asia, SOL is a leading trade show booth builder serving large-format exhibitions and events and can be your one-stop solution for trade show displays globally. With a professionally managed team of experts who understand how exhibitions work differently across the world, SOL assures you of a brand-relevant exhibition solution. SOL has expertise in 3d stall design, custom exhibition stands, modular exhibition systems, and conference booth design.

If you are a European company exhibiting in the USA then we hope this list has helped you shortlist companies that can serve you in your upcoming trade shows. If you have any queries then do contact us.

Happy Exhibiting!

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