8 Common Marketing Mistakes and How a Digital Marketing Agency Avoids them

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Making mistakes in a business is common. More importantly, it is ok to make mistakes as they prevent us from repeating them in the future. This is why companies hire a digital marketing agency to prevent any mishaps.

Here are 8 common marketing mistakes that brands make and how a digital marketing agency works towards preventing them. 

No Marketing Goals

Many companies set vague goals for their marketing strategies. Thus, a hindrance arises while analyzing them as there is no estimate that was to be met. For example, the marketing goal for the next quarter is to increase website traffic. This makes measuring the success rate difficult. 

So, digital marketing services create an estimate while formulating the marketing plan. For example, the website traffic is estimated to increase by 20% in the next quarter. This also helps in creating 

Broad Targeting

Often companies fail to build a strong customer base because they don’t have a target audience. Your marketing campaign will be more successful if it engages and pushes certain people to purchase your products. This is why digital marketing companies conduct market research to find out your brand’s target audience and formulate marketing strategies for them. 

For example, your target audience could be people between the age group of 25-30, interested in fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

No Social Media Presence

Today, as a brand your social media presence is a window to your brand. Moreover, it also makes your brand authentic. Moreover, it is inexpensive. People are likely to search for your brand’s name on social media to understand your brand. The more updated and regular your posts are the better impression it creates.

This is why a digital marketing agency stresses having a decent amount of followers and regular updates. 

Spamming Customers

While marketing through messages, emails, notifications, etc., and sending out reminders are common for businesses, spamming them isn’t. Rather, you might lose customers in the process.
From top digital marketing agencies to a local marketing agency, everyone will agree that spamming is the worst way to make your brand known. Your email must educative, helpful, or relevant otherwise, it is spam. Moreover, the time interval between each mail must also be decided.

No SEO Optimized Content

If your website content is not SEO optimized your customers won’t be able to find you. This is because the search engine algorithm will only rank those websites higher whose content is relevant to the searches. This is why search engine marketers will include keywords that make the website rank higher on the search engines. 

No CTA (Call-to-Action)

CTA refers to when a brand prompts for immediate action by the customers through purchasing, signing up, registering, and so on. While companies do use CTA to increase website traffic, sales, etc., their approach might be lacking. 

For example, the CTA is “New customers will get 10%”. While this works, an internet marketing agency will you with more detail-oriented and targeted CTA, such as “Free shipping and 10% off for all customers till X date” or “Free trial for 7 days and 20% off for the 1st month of subscription”. 

Your CTA must give the customers a reason to visit your website and offer them an incentive. 

Turning Down Guest Posts

Since guest posts do not directly add to your website, many companies turn down such offers. However, online marketing services will suggest otherwise and encourage your brand to do so. This is because it will broaden your outreach and give you an opportunity to increase diversify your target audience. In short, it provides exposure. This is especially beneficial if you are a small company. 

No Promotional Offers or Discounts

It is universally agreed upon that customers love nothing more than promotional offers and discounts. But more importantly, it is a win-win situation for both company and customer. 

How? Simple. Offers increase traffic to your website. The more organic website traffic you acquire the higher you will rank on the search engines. This why a digital marketing company will give out freebies and discounts. Moreover, they build customer loyalty. 

We hope this article will help you prevent making marketing mistakes. Since a digital marketing agency provides professionals services of a specialized team, it not only promotes your brand better but also makes sure all possible resources are used to meet the marketing goals. 

Want your marketing campaign to be detail-oriented and precise? How about a team of professionals dedicated to promoting your brand? The answer to all this is Sol Digital, your one-stop for your marketing needs. 

Toshiko’s Tip of the Day: On your brand’s social media account, make sure to reply to the comments and repost content. This will make your brand seem friendly and engaging. Also, it gives the impression that you care about your customers.

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