A Marketing Agency’s Guide to the Social Media Calendar

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What are Social Media Calendars?

A social media calendar is a calendar that contains all the details about the upcoming posts and when they are to be posted. A marketing agency creates this calendar to keep track of all the upcoming social media posts that they have to upload. With the help of this social media marketing company, rather than scrambling last-minute is able to post on time without any delays.   

Social Media Calendar Tools

Some of the common tools used by a marketing agency to create a social media calendar are:

  • Google Calendar

One of the popular choices of digital marketing services is the Google Calendar. It allows you to add a reminder, texts. Moreover, you can choose different colors to write and highlight the dates. Thus, it is best for keeping track of special days and events. In addition, it can be shared and edited by anyone who has access to it. 

  • Excel Sheet/Google Sheets

The most popular choice by any digital marketing company is the Excel sheet or the Google Sheets due to their flexibility in recording data. You can add several rows and columns in one sheet and adjust their size. Moreover, the color of the text and the cell can be changed as per requirement.  Also, one spreadsheet can hold multiple sheets, making storing data for multiple accounts simpler and easily accessible. 

  • Trello

Another app that an digital marketing agency reaches out to is Trello. It allows you to record data in a visual workflow. Thus, all the data can be seen at a glance. Moreover, it allows you to write texts, add images, due dates, and links. 

How to Create a Social Media Calendar?

Although one might think that a content marketing agency simply adds the required text in a social media calendar, there is a whole procedure that is followed. These are the 3 steps that an online marketing agency will follow. 

  • Choosing What to Post

One of the things that even the top marketing agencies struggle to decide is finding your brand’s and deciding content according to it. From the type of content to the aesthetic, choosing the right kind of content is integral in maintaining a loyal following. 

Some ways to decide the content is by studying the latest social media trends and your competitors, and the commonly used hashtags in your industry. Thus, your content should be such that it engages the audience and is relevant to your brands

For example, Reels on Instagram bring in views and followers, while threads are more popular on Twitter. 

  • Organizing the Posting the Schedule

The most important step is to organize your social media calendar. A social media marketing company will look conduct competitor research to understand the trends and success rate of their content. This will help them know what kind of content is most suited for the respective social media apps. For example, videos are more popular on Instagram. 

Moreover, it will help them consistently follow a theme, 

Organizing the calendar will include not only the date but also the frequency with which these posts are made the kind of content that is uploaded. It will also help them know the best time to upload a post.

  • Tracking and Analyzing the Social Media Calendar

A good internet marketing company will not just keep a record of the upcoming posts and events. It will analyze the marketing campaigns, social media posts, and conduct market research to optimize the social media calendar. This is because all these things will help the marketing agency to formulate and incorporate marketing strategies in their social media accounts. 

The purpose of each social media platform differs from the other. So, increasing outreach in these platforms requires a strategy that is unique to them. Thus, each platform will need a different kind of content to meet the marketing goals.

What to Include in the Social Media Calendar?

To create a social media calendar, there are a few things that the marketing agency adds to have complete information about the posts. These are:

  • Date for uploading the post
  • Content/Post
  • Character count (for Twitter)
  • Time for posting
  • Necessary links

We hope this article will be beneficial for your while creating your social media calendar. 

Due to digitalization, almost every company has moved to the digital space, especially social media to promote their products and services, gain followers, and creator their brand image. Thus, to stay relevant, companies hire a marketing agency that creates content for their social media and updates it regularly. 

Toshiko’s Tip of the Day: If you have any images or videos, make sure to all their link in the social media calendar. This way, you won’t have to search through the photo or video albums. Also, create a checkbox to tick off all the posts that have been made. 

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