Creating Brand Style Guidelines: An Online Marketing Services Guide

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When we say a tick mark or a bitten apple, what comes to your mind? Nike and Apple, obviously. 

If you look at the biggest brand in the world, there is one thing common in all of them, and that is their consistency in brand identity. All online marketing services will tell you how important having a brand identity to become a recognizable company. 

This is why a digital marketing agency responsible for the brand will set some brand style guidelines that they will follow while designing the brand’s products, logo, and so on. 

This is what online marketing services will keep in mind while creating the brand’s style guidelines.

  • Create Brand Consistency

The first thing any digital marketing company will focus on is having brand consistency across all the products and services, promotional platforms. Lack thereof can create confusion among the customers as they won’t be able to link the products and services to your brand.

For example, if you are a natural supplement brand, your logo and range of products have to be consistent with each range of products. You cannot have the products from the same range looking completely different. 

  • Establish Brand Mission

As a company, you will establish some mission or philosophy based on which you will create your products and services. For example, a cosmetic company aiming to provide high-quality products at a drugstore price point. Or, a tea brand introducing new kinds of teas to the industry and so on. 

In other words, it answers questions like why is your brand different from the competitors or who is the brand targeted at? So, online marketing services will design and market your products accordingly.

  • Choose the Right Tone and Voice

It goes without saying that, today, if a company wants to create a brand image and increase its outreach, digital marketing services will promote it on a social media platform. For that, a social media marketing agency will create a brand persona. 

Is your brand persona formal or informal? Is it sarcastic? Does it use slang? People are more likely to support a brand that comes across as human and relatable, rather than a rigid corporate structure.

  • Create the Brand Logo

Top digital marketing agencies will tell you the importance of having a good brand logo. The more unique and distinguished the logo the more likely is it to be remembered by people. 

Let’s be honest, people judge a book by its cover and a brand logo is no exception. An aesthetic-looking brand logo will naturally intrigue people. Moreover, the brand logo must be in sync with your brand name and its mission. For instance, you won’t see an online marketing agency create a skull for a skincare company’s brand logo. 

  • Choose the Color Palette and Iconography

An agency marketing your company knows how important aesthetics are for your company, especially the color palette. 

If your color palette does not match or is difficult to distinguish it becomes a red flag for any potential customer. People will get the impression that the company chose the color palette for the sake of it, without any thought.

So, the agency will choose a range of colors from the color wheel to make sure they don’t strain the eyes or are difficult to read.

Choosing the right color palette is especially important for the iconography for the website and app. If the colors for each of these strain the eyes or are difficult to read, people will simply press exit. 

This is why online marketing services choosing the color palette will choose a set of colors that will be used for both the logo and iconography, further tying in the brand consistency. 

  • Choose the Typography

Another aspect overlooked by many companies in the font. When the marketing agency is creating your brand’s website, they will choose a particular font type and size for your products. For example, while Serif might work for one brand, the same font might look awkward for another company. 

  • Establish the Brand Photography

What kind of photos does your brand use for marketing? Do they follow a certain theme of aesthetic? Are they candid? Is there a particular filter you use while editing the photos? These are some of the things a digital marketing agency will look at while promoting your brand. 

Establishing a photographic style is also important to attract the target audience and create the buyer persona. 

  • Describe Brand Name and Tagline

Your brand name is a reflection of your brand. It is quite literally the first thing that will help customers establish an image of your brand. This is why your brand name and tagline must have proper reasoning behind them. 

A content marketing agency responsible for this will create a tagline that is quirky, intriguing and will instantly tell the customers about the brand. 
We hope this article helped you understand the importance of creating brand style guidelines. Online marketing services responsible for your brand will set these guidelines so that your company and its products follow the set themes and don’t look out of context. This will help your brand find its niche audience.

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