Essential questions to ask exhibition booth design company before you hire them

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You may need to rent an exhibition booth design company or exhibition stand contractor, what questions to ask them before building your exhibition stand?

Your exhibition stand is a representation of your brand. Make sure that the time and money you invest in creating it gives the necessary profit by selecting correctly from the various trade show booth design companies and start questioning them one by one until you land to the best exhibition stand contractors.

Essential Questions to Ask Exhibition Booth Design Company Before You Hire Them

If you have an exhibit that does not perform well, you will be left with a large and inferior booth design. When you have a good trade show booth, you can create a long-term partnership with customers that will help you gain greater exposure.  

In this article are listed 8 key questions you should ask any exhibition booth design company before you decide who you are going to hire to create your booth or stand. 

Can You Share Your Portfolio With Us?

The exhibition design company should be ready to share a portfolio of work with you. If they don’t, you can disqualify them. Give them bonus points if they share exhibits from clients in related or the same industries. 

Browsing their past work shows you their creative potential and gives you confidence in their abilities. It is also a sure way to know that you are dealing with a professional booth design company

How Quickly Can You Deliver?

Of course, you must have a comprehensive schedule in place to ensure your booth design is ready for the event. This means that the first question on the agenda involves asking how quickly the company can work. Therefore, the quality of the work is the foremost factor and by this stage, you should have reviewed the company’s work to ensure it is of the highest standard. 

Also, remember that the time they use to design should go hand in hand with the quality of work. Some contractors are too busy that they cannot concentrate on building your stand hence leading to nasty work.

Can You Show Me What My Booth Will Look Like?

Moving forward with an exhibition booth contractor without knowing what your booth will look like is a start for disappointment. The best exhibition booth design company will have a team of experienced builders who know what makes for an effective and high-impact booth. 

Builders can steer you in the right direction, but if you don’t know what your booth will look like, you cannot give vital input and make sure it is on-brand. When selecting a provider, interview them about their design process and look for a 3D mockup and 2D sketches showing you what you will get. 

Although designs will change during the process you must be kept in the loop at all stages to be able to make any tweaks. 

Do you have Examples of your Work and Customers that I can talk to?

Many quality companies will also be able to show you examples of their work and put you on to customers that are happy to recommend them for their products and services. Speaking to customers and seeing examples of previous work is the best way to judge an exhibition booth design company on the level of service that they offer, and the quality of their exhibition booth.

What Kind of Guarantees Do You Have For Quality?

Selecting a company to build an exhibition stand can be a costly investment, and you will need to be sure whether you can expect to receive value for the money you put into it. Excellent booth design companies will always stand behind the quality of their workmanship. 

So be sure you get an exhibition booth builder to tell you exactly what they will do if you are not pleased with the result of their work. Ask about any guarantees they have or what they will do if you are unsatisfied with what they put together for your organization or company. 

Can they be able to refund in case of fault? Ensure that all this is agreed upon before they start the work.

Is It a Complete In-House Service You Offer?’ 

Even though it may not be apparent when reading through their website, several exhibition booth design companies normally sub-contract various parts of the construction and design process for your stand. The problem arises when you don’t know who they are hiring for your stand design process.

So it is wise to find out if they operate in-house so you are aware that everything will be finished at the same high-quality level. The uncertain thing about subcontractors is that you are not sure how your idea and requirements are being communicated down the line, and if they are not as reliable as the primary contractor you hire, things can go wrong very quickly. So avoiding this scenario altogether, ask this question upfront.

Since booth design companies are multifaceted, you have a lot of questions to ask when it comes to interviewing them. Don’t just wake up and hire anyone who calls themselves exhibition booth designers. For any assistance contact us.

Happy Exhibiting!

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