Excellent facts about booth display design setups that will make you stand out from the crowds

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The best advice about booth display design setups you should ask from the stand contractor

Making amazing exhibition stands is very important; make your booth display design speak your brand language with these interesting portable trade show booth displays trends of 2021.

Excellent Facts about Booth Display Design Setups That Will Make You Stand Out From the Crowds

An excellent booth display will help you become the star of the show, get the maximum attention, and impress your attendees. Some exhibitors just treat their exhibition stall as a structure to house their brands, thus, failing to achieve the desired result. So the setup of your display is very important.

Building an impressive and eye-catching display is very challenging for many exhibitors. In this article, we have analyzed tips, techniques, and tactics to help you build an outstanding booth display design for your trade show

  • Be Creative

Bigger does not always mean better for excellent an exhibition booth design. You need to focus on elements that engage, attract and activate your attendees. So, you need to focus on lighting, interactive technology, and innovative methods.

  • Maximize space for engagement in your exhibition stand design with bold product stations and pops of color.
  • Create a trade show booth design that amplifies your brand from top to bottom.
  • Color can tell a lot in your stand design – use color to make your brand to be outstanding.
  • Draw attendees with media and color. 
  • Trade show displays with wide-open spaces make associations happen. Don’t close the front of your booth display with items like tables, chairs, or even by your staff themselves standing at the entrance. Open space creates an inviting environment.
  • Pop-Up Displays

If you have a limited budget, a pop-up display can be your better option. Pop-up display banners come in different sizes, shapes, and materials. But the standard design includes a foldable frame that pops-up simplistically, channel bars that offer stability, and a display that either can be wrapped over the frame or comes pre-attached. Pop-up displays are strong, lightweight, and portable.

  • Clearly show your product and its benefits

At the exhibition, you need to make an effect on potential customers in the shortest time possible. Whichever impression you make in those crucial moments will determine whether they stay and take a longer look at your booth. 

Ensure your logo is visible always and make sure your graphics put forward your brand’s main advantages or offerings that are appropriate for your show. Sending out confusing mixed, or incorrect messages will results in many people not coming to your stand.

  • Size Matters

When choosing the location of your stand expo, you will want to take into account booth staffing and account for counters, conference rooms, storage materials, and kiosks and the storage of materials. 

Be sure your design allows for the free flow of visitor traffic in and out of your booth. Remove any obstacles at the designing stage. For instance, if you are there to exhibit a new product, erect walls that force visitors at the front of your booth. 

Keep your booth from getting too busy and complicated, so people are not overwhelmed or confused by your booth.

  • Make your Booth Display Design Noticeable and Memorable

If you can, check out your competitors before the event so that you can see how they will decorate their booth. Then come up with greater and better.

Create an extra-tall booth display design that stretches high above everyone else around you. People will notice your booth display from a distance, right when they enter and wonder what it is.

You can also make overhead displays and hang them above your booth or lay some kind of graphic on the floor in front of your booth. If you want to be more creative, think of objects you are sure will catch peoples’ eyes. Use something that will make your brand be the talk of the day.

  • Get Digital

Showcase your online presence at your booth by having a tablet or laptop that will allow the audience to experience your website and shop for products. Make the user experience simple and natural by planning your presentation out in advance. 

Be sure to always have your website open on at least one device in your booth so that attendees can browse it easily without having to wait. You can also consider taking their social media details for future communication with your potential customers.

  • Properly using height and lights  

While preparing for your booth display design, make maximum utilization of your exhibition space. Make the most of the height allowance for your show spot. Some also allow hanging structures that can be suspended from the ceiling. 

When you incorporate lights in your stand area as it helps in highlighting the marketing message along with the brand name. This enables your exhibition stand to get noticed in the crowd. Also, this is an ideal show branding solution that makes a prominent brand impression in the exhibition. 

If you need help planning and executing creative exhibition stalls for your next trade show, get in touch with us.

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