Marketing Trends to Look Out for in 2021 According to Internet Marketing Services

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In a world where technology gets better and better every day, it is not surprising that new trends emerge in different industries. Similar is the case for the marketing industry. Every year we observe certain trends that take over the industry.

Here is a list of marketing trends that you need to look for in 2021 according to internet marketing services.

Virtual Events

With the ongoing pandemic, the old saying, “the show must go on” is rather apt. 

There has been an influx in virtual events during the pandemic; this trend has tumbled into 2021. From conferences to product launches, virtual events have taken over every industry.

Fro a digital marketing agency this has emerged as an opportunity to heavily engage in digital and video marketing. 

Topical Marketing

One of the biggest emerging trends on which even the top digital marketing agencies have jumped on is topical marketing. 

Topical marketing refers to a brand creating a marketing campaign around the latest event in the world. With a trending topic floating around the internet, one of the fastest ways to market a brand is to engage in topical marketing. The more creative and relevant your brand is the more likely are you to attract an audience.

So, for a marketing agency, social media becomes a perfect place to promote products and services by creating relatable and trending content. Thus, capitalizing on the current events to market a brand. 

Influencer Marketing

According to Business Insider, by 2022, the influencer market will be worth $15 billion. Moreover, it was also reported that 4 in 5, i.e., 79% of brands prefer social media, especially Instagram as their main channel of marketing. So, it is safe to say that a social media marketing agency will increasingly look for influencer collaborations to market brands. 

AR (Augmented Reality)

From face filters on Snapchat to testing furniture by taking a picture of a room hand having the software add an armchair to fit the dimension. This has been a subtle yet increasing trend over the last few years.

Given the current conditions, people still want to purchase things without wanting to leave their houses. This is why digital marketing services have implemented AR to promote brands and their products and services. 

Some common examples include specific face filters to promote new products, movies, occasions, AR to try on cosmetics to choose the right shade, colors for painting walls, and so on. Internet marketing services also go on to create a marketing campaign for the launch of these AR. 

Social Media Stories

Another popular marketing trend to look for is social media stories. How many times have you scrolled through your social media stories to see a sponsored story pop up? This is how an agency marketing a brand will market your brand.

Today, the content that you can consume easily is the one that goes viral; and stories are the best ways to market a brand as you only have a few seconds to do so. 

Some benefits of social media stories include increased brand awareness, increased webpage traffic, cost-effectiveness, increased follower engagement, the opportunity to increase your outreach, and so on. 

Voice Search

The world is no stranger to voice reaches. There is a high chance that you use Siri or Alexa daily. This increasing trend has blown up and is being increasingly integrated by brands. The main advantage of this is that instead of typing things and scrolling through the options, the desired result is placed in front of you with just a voice command.

This has led internet marketing services to focus on creating content filled with SEO keywords to organically boost the brand’s webpage ranking. 

Sustainability Emphasis

Brands have now started focusing on creating sustainable products that do not harm the environment. Moreover, consumers are also looking for more sustainable products and don’t mind spending a little extra money. It is common for people to search up more sustainable alternatives. This has led to a surge in the SEO keyword search for sustainable and environment-friendly products. 

So, search engine marketers focus on using certain keywords on the brand’s website to boost their ranking on the webpage results. 

In addition, people are increasingly going out of their way to buy products from brands that are sustainable and working towards preserving the environment, 

Internet marketing services have to constantly be on the lookout for the latest trends to make sure the brand appears up-to-date with the latest happenings of the world. 

Tip of the Day: While it is common for internet marketing services to follow the current marketing trends. Some go one step forward to try to create a new trend. So, apart from following the latest trends, it is also essential that a digital agency tries to create its own. 

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