Must read ideas about creative exhibition stand design

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Creative exhibition stand design, booth display design, portable exhibition displays will certainly make your exhibition stand the talk of the day when used well.

The most creative exhibition stand design and exhibition booth designs are normally the ones that are the most popular at the trade show event. They attract many attendees, get huge leads, and have the biggest impact on social media. Ensure you have the best portable trade show booth as well.

Must-Read Ideas about Creative Exhibition Stand Design

Having a creative, visually and original striking exhibition stand design is a crucial way to succeed at the trade show. A relevant exhibition stand idea makes your brand stand apart from other stands on the exhibition floor. Part of how to make it creative is to hire professional exhibition stand designers. Here are some creative ideas you can apply to your stand to make it outstanding.

1. Know the Foot Traffic Patterns

Research the schedule to know when the main speakers will present the brand, and then implement this into your staff’s agenda. Know the general layout of the event and see how your stand location is placed about major traffic areas. 

Also, be aware of where washrooms are located and where your competitor’s stand is located. The better knowledge you have of the event layout, the more prepared you will be.

2. Consider Large Geometric Designs That Pop Out

Strange architecture tends to pop out at shows. Large designs include free-form curved surfaces or comically huge everyday objects.  All these can make for appealing visual novelty for attendees at the show. 

You can combine your geometric architecture with graphics such as text, font, and pictures to create a creative exhibition stand design that is visually complex and appealing. If you decide to use geometric design right, it is possible to get something special for your design stand.

3. Inviting and Comfortable

Often it is not easy to find much seating space at exhibitions. Therefore, if you have a big space, set up some seating couches. People will appreciate the chance to relax for some time, and you can take that opportunity to introduce your brand. You don’t need to talk directly but instead, have an attractive presentation display setup to expose them to your business.

4. Meeting Areas Or Suites

Having a good meeting space can make the visitors feel like they are not in the hall. Have a sofa and a TV screen to make the meeting space engaging and relaxed. Depending on what you want to achieve, you can have proper chairs and desks or even informal seating, like podium stools and tables. Make it welcoming and have a friendly environment.

5. Organize Quizzes And Games

Make an exhibition booth inspiration to make a lasting impression on your brand, where your visitors can be captured through engagement. Arranging game sessions at your booth can work well for your product. 

Ask the audience some questions related to your company and tell them about your brand. Make sure you offer hampers that are precious. Visitors would appreciate gifts and giving something variable to them will attract them to your creative exhibition stand design.

6. Consider Using Black And White

Create your entire trade show stand design using only black and white as a color scheme. White walls with black shelves or a black counter will attract visual attention. Then, you have full control over where you direct attendees’ eyes.

To create a black and white stand, use paint or neatly pin-up swatches of ironed fabrics. Most expo stand designs rely on black, so use more white to create contrast outside of your stand. Then add a full-color logo somewhere in the middle. You can also include black and white diagrams in the meeting space on the wall using diagramming apparatus.

7. Use Of Gigantic Objects

Oversized objects are a source of attraction for humans. For example, displaying the largest Coca-Cola bottle in the world or giant ceremonial checks, or anything else distorted attracts people with wonder.  So, integrating this fascination in your booth is a sure bet to excite your trade show audience, hence capturing their attention.

Making your product gigantic can make the product appealing. Even if you don’t have tangible goods, use something that can attract the attention of the visitors, let visitors call it a memorable moment.

8. Properly Using Height And Lights

While preparing for your stand design, make maximum utilization of your exhibition space. Use the height limit to your advantage, as some allow hanging structures that can be suspended from the ceiling. 

When you incorporate lights in your stand area, it helps in highlighting the marketing message along with the brand name to gain prominence in the market. This enables your exhibition stand to get noticed in the crowd. Also, this is an ideal branding solution that makes a prominent brand impression in the exhibition.

 If you want to have a creative trade show stand design or you want to make an exhibition booth design stand out in the 2021 trade show event, then do get in touch with us.

Happy Exhibiting! 

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