The most inspiring tips to awesome trade show booths

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How creating trade show booths can help you predict the future in 2021 exhibition, custom trade show booth and portable displays make an ideal solution for your awesome trade show booths.

The most awesome trade show booths and trade show stands are normally the ones that are the most popular at the trade show event. They attract many visitors, get huge leads, and have the biggest impact on social media. Ensure you have the best stall fabrication as well.

The Most Inspiring Tips To Awesome Trade Show Booths

If your company spends the money, effort and time, to display a booth at the trade show event, it is important to make the best of it. With high competition and more complex trade show booths, you need to find an edge that will draw more visitors. 

Here are 9 awesome trade show booths tips.

  • Go Ahead and Be Obvious 

A quick look at the trade show floor often tells prospects a lot about the company behind the booths. That glance is about all the attention you can gather from prospects and grab their concern. Building clear, branded visuals will help lure their attention. 

Moreover, to make your expo stand obvious, you also need to make your product clear. You can use the “WIIFM” (what’s in it for me) tactic when it comes to drawing prospects and making it obvious what you do. The idea here is that someone should be able to notice the value your business offers to them in few seconds over fifteen feet away.

  • Increase Engagement with a Social Media Display

The best and easiest way to get visitors to tweet, interact with them, and talk about your brand makes it fun! Consider using a digital wall that displays social references of your brand or offers game-like incentives for user’s social shares. Attendees will enjoy trying to get their name on the board, and your product will get free social marketing. 

  • Make Your Booth Approachable

Despite having the right looks and appealing design, your awesome trade show booth should also be approachable. Smiling faces of skilled booth staff are important.

Have a range of different display choices to appeal to different people. Some people like reading materials, flyers, and pamphlets.

Other audiences are visual and would love to see a video demo on an HD display or tablet. Some would like to engage with the booth attendees and ask questions. Ensure that plenty of booth staff is available throughout.

  • Have Plenty of Giveaways

Have a variety of giveaways, like brochures, business cards, magnets, pens, or anything else that like your business logo or name.  Many people who attend trade shows are expecting to take home some goodies. And be sure to use display racks for showing your specials, flyers, and brochures.

  • Provide Toys To Play With

Try to use interactive touch screen games, VR headsets, and DIY 3D printers. Advanced technology keeps visitors entertained and creates memories for them that last beyond the event itself. Just ensure to choose content that matches your trade show booth theme. And always finish each interaction with a simple CTA. 

  • Use the Right Colors

Color psychology is complex. People are enticed to different colors for different reasons. The colors you choose for your booth can help you stand out and pass your message. 

Cooler colors like green blue and white appear professional yet are not big attention-grabbers. Warmer colors like red, yellow, and orange are more engaging yet need to be used wisely because they can be haughty if used in excess.

  • Your First Impression Is Very Important

The first impression created on your customer or client’s mind is normally what determines their decision about you. This means that as much as you want to ensure a brilliant service or product, the right branding is a key factor. 

An awesome way to make a good impression on anyone is excellent imagery. Brands that excel well in trade shows are the ones that have seen the import of innovative stand booths which largely affects their potential customers’ opinions.

  • Draw Visitors In From Every Angle

Depending on the setup and the size of the trade shows you attend, there is a high chance your display might be approached from multiple directions. It can be a good idea to create a design that draws visitors in from different angles. In that way, your booth display design can adjust to the layout of every space that you get. This will help you pique the interest of anyone that sees your brand’s exhibit.

  • Offer a Cell Phone Charging Station

You know what you are feeling. Your bag is heavy with giveaways, your feet are tired, and your phone battery is running out. Now you can imagine coming across a mobile charging station and a comfortable place to sit. 

Providing a free phone charging station at your trade show stand is the perfect way to attract visitors, and immediately give them a positive friendship with your brand. Ensure you brand your charging station with your logos and colors. While people are waiting for their phones to charge, they can also check out your nearby collateral or other materials to learn what your company is offering.

Using creativity can help you in creating an awesome exhibition stand booth to communicate with your customers and get them to know and buying your brand.

Happy Exhibiting!

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