Top 10 creative exhibition stand design ideas that increase foot traffic at your trade show stand

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Cool exhibition stands and stall booth design ideas we can learn from for the next show in Europe.

An exhibition show is a neck-to-neck competition that needs you to come up with a creative exhibition booth. You can invest in creative exhibition stand design and out-of-the-box stand design ideas to stand out in trade shows

Top 10 Creative Exhibition Stand Design Ideas That Increase Foot Traffic at Your Trade Show Stand

It is not easy to outshine in the crowd but also an important aspect of your show. So for you to stand apart, an exhibition stand builder should provide you with a variety of creative ideas. Here are some of the most creative exhibition stand design ideas for your next show.

  1. Create a Call To Action

Every time you have a great talk with the attendees on your trade show stand, ensure you follow up with them. The more adapt the call to action, the better. Many businesses send an email to the attendees they met at the expo stand during the show to stand out. You might also decide to connect with high-quality leads over the phone, for lunch, or on LinkedIn to mix up the medium.

  1. Inviting and Comfortable

In most cases, there isn’t much seating space at the trade show. So, if you have a big space in your creative exhibition stand design, set up some seating couches. People will be grateful for the chance to relax for some time, and you can grab that opportunity to introduce your brand. You don’t have to talk directly instead have attractive presentation screen setups to expose them to your brand.

  1. Consider Hiring Live Band

Introducing live music to your stand expo can help to create a different atmosphere as well as a “performance” that attendees will stop and watch. This is a superb example where the artists are transforming the space with their aesthetics and instruments catch the eye of those watching as your staff help attendees with the brand.

  1. Offer Product Samples 

Giving free samples is an awesome idea. It generates intrigue in visitors. Sampling is a very effective marketing idea to draw attendees to your exhibition stand. You can allow the audience to test the product. For example, if you are selling clothes, allow customers to try them, or if you are marketing coffee, allow them to have a cup of coffee, and so on.

  1. Lighting Your Exhibition Stand

This can be achieved by using colored LEDs and change the whole look of the stand remarkably. For instance, you can win visitor’s attention with strings of neon signs, festoon light, and giant light bulb letters. And if you like a low-key result, then choose a showpiece light, like a chandelier or even a homely feel standing picture lamp. Don’t forget to emphasize the key features of your exhibition stall with your lighting.

  1. Use Trade Show Games

Exhibition attendees love to win prizes and try to score higher than their friends. Having a trade show game, stand attendees learn about the product as they contend for the awards. Games can be digital games or old school. 

As visitors get excited about playing, their interest will attract more crowds. Ensure that your attendees can outline how to play within the shortest time possible. The tasks can be signing up for your email list, singing, and dancing, taking pictures, and tagging your business.

  1. A Takeout Café

Normally trade shows are physically tiring. Visitors spend a lot of time walking and talking at the trade fair naturally they would require coffee and food. You can attract more visitors to your stand by having a small coffee counter where visitors can bag these goodies for either a nominal fee or for free. You can have your takeaway mugs and carry bags labeled with your brand logo. 

  1. Make Early Appointments With Visitors Or The Hosted Buyers

To encourage valuable, potential customers to come to your stand, aim to make prior appointments, or get involved with the show-hosted buyer programs if there is one. This gives you a chance to identify and screen potential visitors and arrange several appointments with them.

This is a great way to ensure that before you have even landed on the show floor, you have qualified leads to meet and greet.

  1. Graphics 

Graphics are the best way to attract and guide visitors to your stand. You want your stand to be effortlessly spotted from anywhere on the show floor, so include some height in your signage. 

You can hang signs from the ceiling to increase visibility. Also, you can cover up the walls of your exhibit with large-scale graphics, or put a free-standing sign around your stand; the double-sided signs work very well and increase visibility.

A design that looks great on a screen in the office or on the cover of a brochure may not translate well to space you’re renting. Considering the visual masterpiece of the whole exhibition in advance will make sure that your signs are made to the correct scale, are angled correctly for maximum visibility, and do not blend in with everything else competing for attention.

  1. Draw Visitors In From Every Angle

Depending on the setup and size of the trade shows, there is a high chance that your display might be approached from different directions. It can be a great idea to create a design that attracts visitors from all angles. That way, your exhibition stand can adapt to the layout of each space that you acquire. This will help you grab the interest of anyone that sees your brand’s exhibit.

To shine in an overcrowded exhibition is quite a big task. With a huge number of brands and companies attending trade shows to expand their business, exhibition shows have become a very competitive place. Exhibiting requires a lot of creativity for you to attract more attendees. For any inquiry contact us.

Happy exhibiting!

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