Trending Exhibition Booth Design Ideas for 2021

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Your booth design goes beyond just stall fabrication. It is an experience that you want to create for your guests!

Make your stand design unique, make your expo stand an experience zone, make your trade show booth design speak your brand language with these interested exhibition booth design trends of 2021.

Trending Exhibition Booth Design Ideas for 2021

Exhibitions are a place in which creativity knows no bounds. People put up some magnificent structures that are incorporated with the latest technology to wow their guests and get their brands noticed. Walk into the world-famous technology exhibition MWC and you will know what we are talking about. Entire halls are booked by exhibitors to create experiences that are mesmerizing, immersive and so much beyond just stall fabrication.

However, coming up with an exciting and new idea is time-consuming and requires a lot of commitment if you want to be truly unique. Here are some simple ideas that will make your exhibition booth design stand apart from the rest.

1. Make your Exhibition Booth Design more Interactive

One of the best ways to have an interactive booth design is to conduct a demo session within your space. Giving a free trial will allow your audience to experience, your service and your product, and this in turn will build trust in your brand. 

By engaging your audience with your brand, you will help visitors make up their purchase decision. So, you must make optimistic and simple messaging with your exhibition stand design.

2. Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication

Ensure your booth is interesting to look at. A simply designed booth will add value to your overall presentation, only if it is designed appropriately and smartly. Many marketing geniuses will agree that a simple exhibition booth design is way more effective than an elaborate exhibition booth

Having simple and clear ideas helps you to communicate the market message more effectively to the targeted audience and have a greater product recall value. 

3. Hire Well-Trained Booth Staff

Be sure that the staff manning your exhibition stall speaks to the visitors properly. Staff who look interested in speaking to others will attract many potential customers. Be sure that any information you have like brochures or leaflets is available to read and use. If you do not include this, people will not ask for it.

4. Display the Brand and its Benefits

At the booth, you need to impress potential customers within a short time to make them stay in your exhibition booth. The logo must always be visible and your graphics should be having crisp and direct messages. Giving out confusing, inappropriate, or mixed messages will lead to visitors avoiding your booth. Your exhibition booth design as well as your graphics should be clutter-free.

5. Organize Quizzes and Games

Arranging game sessions at your booth can work well for your product. Have questions related to your business will help you understand how much your visitors know about the brand and teach them about your product. 

Ensure you give gift hampers that are valuable. People like gifts and giving something important to them will be the icing on the cake. Remember at your expo stand engagement means brand interaction and brand interaction translates to brand recall and eventually to new leads and sales.

6. Hire an Exhibition Booth Design Expert

You’ll be amazed at the range of simple designs offered in the market. Yet, you need to be careful about the booth design you choose to signify your brand at the show. Thorough research should be done before you contract your exhibition booth

You need to assess your brand procedures with the support of an exhibition booth designer. Hiring a skilled expert will assist you to narrow down the best booth design that will represent your brand. This assures you that your business stands out throughout your participation at the show.

7. Go Social

The world is on social media, so why not your display booths. Promote your exhibition participation on social media and via digital marketing from up to a month before the event. If you can, then during the event also opt for live streaming of sessions and interactions at your exhibition booth

Post the event tag and thank the people who attended the event and keep the buzz and momentum on. Social media engagement at exhibition booths is one of the most common trends in 2020.

8. Have a Photo Booth within your Exhibition Booth Design

Did you know that 61% of the population of the world has mobile phones? And it wouldn’t be wrong to say that 100% of trade show attendees have smartphones. Make use of their phones to make your exhibition booth more interactive. Keep a photo booth within your stall where your visitors can click their pictures on their own devices and upload them on their social media. For B2C brands this strategy has worked brilliantly to engage people on the booth as well as create a buzz online.

If you are looking for a specific brand-relevant strategy to make your exhibition booth design stand out in 2020-21 trade shows then do get in touch with us.

Happy Exhibiting! 

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