What is Topical Marketing and Why do Online Marketing Companies Use it to Market your Brand?

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Have you ever been on Twitter and saw your feed slowly fill up with certain topics, until that became the trending topic for the next 24 hours? And with the topic going viral, online marketing companies picked it up and made posts about it while integrating their brand and the products and services.

What is Topical Marketing?

Topical marketing refers to a brand creating a marketing campaign around the latest event in the world. With a trending topic floating around the internet, one of the fastest ways to market a brand is to engage in topical marketing. The more creative and relevant your brand is the more likely are you to attract an audience.

For example, during the festival season, you will find online marketing companies that come up with marketing campaigns or social media posts that are festival-centric. 

Why do Online Marketing Companies Use it for Your Brand?

In the age of social media, staying up-to-date with the latest trends and creating content related to that is what the top digital marketing agencies aim for. Here are some reasons why an online marketing agency will use topical marketing to promote your brand.

  • Increases Brand Awareness

Since the topic is already trending, a content marketing agency will take advantage of this to create ads, marketing campaigns, or even social media posts to boost the company’s brand awareness. 

As there are many people, engaging with that hashtag or keyword, the topic is bound to have a number of people following its content. So, a digital marketing company will use the trending topic to create content centered around the brand to increase outreach, thus, increasing brand awareness. 

  • Increases Engagement Rate

As mentioned earlier, due to the increased number of people engaging with the topic, people are also engaging with content from brands that use the topic in a creative way. Thus, the engagement rate of the topic is rather high. Piggybacking off of this, digital marketing services use this pool of high engagement rates to boost the brand’s engagement rate.

  • Keeps your Content Relevant

If there is one thing a brand thrives on it is relevancy. The more relevant the brand’s products and services are, the more customers it will draw in. More importantly, it tells your costumes that you are up-to-date with the world’s current happenings and trending affairs. 

Thus, the more the social media marketing agency engages in topical marketing to promote your brand, the more relevant your social media content appears. This also tells people what your values and philosophy are as a brand. 

  • Makes the Brand seem Approachable and Friendly

Another reason why online marketing services use topical marketing to promote a company is to make the brand seem more approachable and friendly. Taking part in the trending topics makes you seem retable and thereby more approachable, rather than the rigid business-like persona of a company. 

What are Some Tips for Topical Marketing?

Here are some tips to help you create the most engaging topical marketing content.

  • Simple Message

For something like topical marketing, everyone knows the context in which your message is being conveyed. Thus, it is important that you keep the message short and crisp to avoid confusion and unwanted interpretations. 

The best way to do this is by using images, videos, and gif, and keeping the text short and easily readable. 

  • Make it Humorous

Your message must be humorous for the people to understand it without you having to spell it out. The beauty of topical marketing is that everyone knows what is trending. So, the important thing is to use humor to make the topic seem more interesting and funny. 

  • Make sure the Message Connects to your Brand

If the message does not link to your brand, the digital marketing agency has failed to promote your company. If people cannot understand your marketing campaign and how it relates to your products and trending topic, your brand isn’t being promoted. Rather, it comes across as an attempt to jump on the latest trend for the sake of it. 

We hope this article helped you understand topical marketing and why online marketing companies use them for your brand. 

Topical marketing has become a marketing trend that almost every marketing firm uses to promote a brand. Although the content you create for this marketing might be relevant for a short time, it is important to seize the right opportunity. For many small companies and startups, topical marketing has helped the brand gain recognition and enter the mainstream domain. Thus, it provides brands an opportunity to increase their outreach and make themselves known in their industry. 

Tip of the Day: A digital marketing agency does not use every trending topic for topical marketing. Rather, the marketing firm will choose certain topics that are relevant to both their brand and industry.

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